EFC4K105NUZ datasheet pdf download

EFC4K105NUZ datasheet pdf download

The powerful EFC4K105NUZ power MOSFET provides protection for your 1‐2 cell lithium‐ion battery. It features a wide operating voltage range of 22 V and a fast switching speed. This power MOSFET features a low on-state resistance.


This device is perfect for app licensing such as powering on table machines. This battery is perfect for applications that use 1-2 cells of lithium-ion. Nature’s bounty is endless.


The 5 V Drive is a common-drain type ESD device with a diode-protected gate. It is Pb-free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant. It can be used for applications such as battery charging and discharging. Manufacturing ON Semiconductor databooks is a labor of love.


We hope you enjoy downloading our EFC4K105NUZ datasheet.






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