FFG3105 datasheet pdf download

FFG3105 datasheet pdf download

This datasheet provides information on the equivalent charge monitor, which is a device used to measure and maintain the charge on a battery.

The battery ID and smart charge monitor are used to identify and track the battery’s health.

The FFG3105 has two 64-bit registers that can be used to uniquely identify batteries.

Precision Voltage and Temperature Measurement allows for smart charging topologies, while also having low power requirements (< 2 µA shutdown current and 2 µA standby current).

This I2C slave has an average current of 5 µA.

It is fully integrated and supports both normal and fast modes with auto increment.

Redundancy in internal bid processes can provide increased robustness in the event of system failures. Six-ball, two-by-three, zero is a good example.

This includes battery packs and mobile devices. Fairchild Semiconductor manufactures the FFG3105 chip.

This datasheet provides information on the chip, including its features and specifications.



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