LM7301 datasheet pdf download

LM7301 Datasheet PDF Download and Features

LM7301 datasheet pdf download

LM7301 Datasheet PDF Download

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LM7301 is a low-power, 4 MHz GBW, rail-to-rail input-output operational amplifier in an SOT-23 package. The datasheet for this product can be downloaded for free from various official websites and electronic component distribution companies. The datasheet provides detailed information on the product’s electrical characteristics, operational principles, and pinout.


LM7301 Features

LM7301 offers the following key features.

• At VS = 5V (Typ Unless Otherwise Noted)
range of applications. The LM7301 offers greater than
• Tiny 5-Pin SOT-23 Package Saves Space rail-to-rail input range, full rail-to-rail output swing,

The LM7301 operational amplifier is a powerful device that can be used in many different applications.

It has a low power output and operates at a frequency of 4 MHz. This device has a wide input range and can swing its output fully between the rails. It has a large capacitive load that can drive signals powerfully.

And, its signal distortion is low. The LM7301 uses one supply of power.

The voltage range 8-32 V is great for powering small electronics and systems. This means that we can send data at a rate of 4 megabits per second while using only 0.4 watts of power.

A 6-milliamp supply of current is enough to power most portable applications. If you need more power, you might need to use a higher-power supply.






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