NCV97310A datasheet pdf download

NCV97310A datasheet pdf download


This datasheet provides information on power management features of the NCV97310A.

Power management is the ability of a device or system to reduce its power consumption when it is not in use, or when it is not needed.

The NCV97310A is a 3-output regulator with a low-Iq battery-connected 3A, 2MHz non-synchronous switcher and two low-voltage 1s.

5 A, 2 MHz synchronous switchers; all using integrated power transistors.

The 4−volt high−voltage switcher can convert a voltage up to 4 volts. The 3.5 mm audio input port can be used with a battery that is rated at up to 18 volts.

3 V output at a constant 2 MHz switching frequency, delivering up to 3 A.

In overvoltage conditions up to 36 V, the switching frequency will fold back to 1 MHz; in load dump conditions up to 45 V the regulator will shut down. Manufacture ON Semiconductor; download NCV97310A datasheet.






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